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Setting Components for Learning for Students’ usage in the editor

Although Components for Learning (C4L) was created with instructors in mind, the idea of ​​students being able to use it was always widely considered. Now that usage can be more granularly managed (only in Moodle Tiny6 version, at the time) through a simple change in the plugin settings.

This new feature makes special sense in a constructionist learning environment like Moodle. Now learners can benefit from C4L when composing their summaries or even their own version of the materials.

As you can see in the image from the settings section, only contextual components can be made available to learners:

At the time, we couldn’t think of a context where it made sense that users use evaluative o procedural components; but things are never that simple in Learning, so who knows? For now, we’ll stick with the intuitive, most common approach.